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Mullings by Rich Galen
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Fair & Balanced?

Rich Galen

Friday July 12, 2004

  • All of the early coverage in the mainstream media of the Democrats' celebrity-laden fund raiser in New York the other night was about the enormous amount of money it generated - some $7.5 million.

  • Many of the participants, if I am not mistaken, had promised to leave the United States if George W. Bush won, but they're still here. The unfairness of it all.

  • Lost in the early coverage was (a) the top ticket price was $25,000; a little steep for many of the "little people" with whom Senator John Edwards claims such solidarity, and; (b) the outright ugliness of the comments of those who chose to participate - especially Whoopi Goldberg.

  • Goldberg's comments were so off-color and distasteful that they have become a campaign issue: The Democrats are refusing to release the tape of the performance because they realize that allowing the voting public to actually see it - and, potentially much more damaging - the crowd's positive reaction to it, would be extremely powerful in demonstrating the kind of language about the President the Democrats will not only tolerate, but will encourage.

  • Much of the mainstream coverage of all this has been to allow Democrats to compare a prepared performance by Goldberg, who was recruited by Democrats to raise money for Democrats at an event which was highly promoted to Democrats, with a single word within a one-time private conversation between two grown-up men on the floor of the US Senate.

  • In Sunday's Washington post this is the story line-up for the "A" section of the newspaper. This is all true:

  • Page A1 - "Kerry Vows to Restore 'Truth' to Presidency: Democratic Ticket Assails GOP Values as 'Distorted' " Positive Kerry

  • Page A1 - "Saudis Facing Return of Radicals: Young Iraq Veterans Join Underground" Negative Bush Policy

  • Page A4 - Chuck Babington's weekly political column which contains an anti-Bush piece about gun control; a negative piece pointing out that Mel Martinez - the White House's candidate for the US Senate nomination in Florida - is a former president of the Florida Academy of Trial Lawyers; a positive piece about the movie "Fahrenheit 9/11"; a positive Democratic piece in which a Black (Dem) lawmaker launches a racial slur against a White (GOP) Member of the House but gets away with it; and finally a positive piece about a the Committee on the Present Danger which is re-forming itself as an anti-terrorism organization. Positive, perhaps only because Sen. Joe Lieberman (D-Conn) is honorary co-chairman.

  • Page A5 - "Political Face of Florida Latinos Changing: Puerto Rican Influx Gives Democrats Hope of Ending Cuban-GOP Dominance" Positive Democrat

  • Page A6 - ENTIRELY, the jump from the front page pro-Kerry piece headed here: "Ticket Pledge Values Debate on Its Terms, Not the GOP's" Positive Kerry

  • Page A7 - ENTIRELY, "Excerpts from Interview with Democratic Candidates" Positive Kerry
  • WAIT! There's More!

  • Page A8 - ENTIRELY, "Kerry, Edwards Revel in Brotherhood of Campaign: Energy Enthusiasm Infectious as Democrats Take Message to Battleground States" Positive Kerry

  • Page A9 - "Nation in Brief" column: Of the seven short items, four are clearly anti-Bush, two are slanted anti-Bush, and one is a crime report from Washington State which is politically neutral.

  • Page A10 - "Bush Pushes for Ban on Gay Marriage: Vote on Constitutional Amendment Could Come This Week" This unsigned Associated Press piece is either Positive Bush (for supporting the Constitutional Amendment) or Anti-Bush (for supporting the Constitutional Amendment) depending upon your position on the issue.

  • Page A18 - In the "World News" portion of the "A" Section. "In Iraq, Showdown Looms Over Self-Rule for Kurds: Regional Leaders Say They Will Not Give up Quasi-Independence" Anti-Bush Policy

  • Page A19 - "CIA Skewed Iraq Reporting, Senate Says" which is a rehash of the coverage from Saturday's editions. Anti- Bush Administration

  • Page A21 - The jump from the front page piece about Saudi terrorists "Saudi Fighters Return from Iraq" Anti-Bush policy

  • Page A22 - "Fate of Filipino Hostage in Iraq Unclear" in which the decision of the government in Manila to stick to its long-planned deadline of August 20 to bring its small detachment home from duty in Southern Iraq could have been in the headline but isn't, so the piece gets an - anti-Bush Policy rating from our panel of experts.
  • The Federal Elections Commission should investigate the Sunday Washington Post as being an illegal corporate contribution to the Democratic Party and the Kerry campaign.

  • On the Secret Decoder Ring Page today: A link all of the Washington Post stories listed. See for yourself. Also an important disclaimer as well as a clever Catchy Caption of the Day.

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