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Rich Galen

Friday July 23, 2021

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  • About 162 million Americans (49.3%) of Americans are fully vaccinated against COVID-19. If you include partially vaccinated Americans, the percentage grows to 56.7 percent.

  • Why someone who got the first of a two-shot regimen (Pfizer and Moderna) and has decided not to get the second shot for full protection is beyond me.

  • I am vaccinated. The Mullings Director of Standards and Practices is vaccinated. She got both of hers while I was in the hospital earlier this year.

  • Back in the early part of 2021, remember, doses were closely controlled. I was in George Washington University Hospital which is in the District of Columbia. We live in Alexandria, Virginia.

  • I couldn't get a day pass to cross state lines to get a shot, and I couldn't get a dose in DC, so I was stuck in bureaucratic limbo.

  • Finally, wiser heads prevailed saying that the medical staff didn't spend all that time, talent, and money keeping me alive only to get sneezed on by an engineering student crossing my path as I left the hospital. I was given the first dose.

  • I got the second dose in DC after I had left the hospital.

  • Just this evening there was a sign on King Street that vaccinations were available at the Patent and Trademark office building every Wednesday, so the geometry of the situation has completely changed.

  • Why someone would only get one dose of a two-dose process is puzzling enough. Why someone who does not have a medical reason, would refuse to get even the first dose is astonishing.

  • In 1954, I was in the third grade. Along with millions of other kids I was enrolled in the large-scale test of the Salk vaccine to test its safety and efficacy against the scourge of polio. We were heralded as "Polio Pioneers."

  • It worked.

  • In1950,b efore the Salk (and later the Sabin version) vaccine there were 119,000 cases of polio in the U.S. In 2020, according to Wikipedia, "Afghanistan and Pakistan are the only two countries where the disease is still classified as endemic."

  • According to Stacey D. Stewart, current president and CEO of the March of Dimes, quoted by NPR, after World War II, "People believed infectious disease was [being] conquered. And then this amazing vaccine is announced. People couldn't get it fast enough."

  • Shift forward 67 years. There are about 328.2 people living in the U.S. Some 142 million are refusing to participate in ridding the nation of COVID-19.

  • The MD of S&P asked me if we were heading for another lockdown. I said, it depends on whether the virus mutates to the point where it evades the vaccines. Those mutations are practicing on people who are not vaccinated.

  • Do we really think that someone who thinks the COVID-19 vaccines are a government plot is going to wear a mask to protect the rest of us?

  • Those same people got in fights at Walmart for not wearing a mask in 2020 at the height of the pandemic, when masks and social distancing were our primary weapons.

  • We're far from the worst in terms of adoption of COVID-19 vaccines. One of the worst? Japan. As of about a month ago, according to NBC News, "Japan has fully vaccinated just a little more than 8 percent of its people."

  • As I write this, the opening ceremonies for the 2020 Olympics are less than 12 hours away.

  • Again, via NBC, infection rates are low in Japan because,
    "the island nation imposes severe restrictions and mandatory quarantines on foreigners coming in and because the government has been successful at getting residents to wear masks and practice social distancing."

  • The Japanese government didn't trust the data that the rest of the world used to make the decision to urge mass vaccinations, and now the opening ceremonies will be truncated and pretty much a made-for-TV-only event as the stadium will be all but empty.

  • CNN surveyed every Member of the House and Senate and found:
    "All 219 House Democrats have reported being vaccinated. Among the Republican conference, 95 of the 212 members -- 44.8% -- have said they are vaccinated."

  • That doesn't mean the other Republicans have not been vaccinated. It likely means they are so intimated by the anti-vaxxers among their constituents, the are afraid to admit it.

  • As Cardiologist Dr. Jonathon Reiner, MD pointed out in a Tweet:
    "You know that almost all of the 97 silent GOP members have been vaccinated because if they had not received a vaccine the Office of the Attending Physician for Congress would not have relaxed mask guidance for the House floor this past spring."

  • Everyone - elected officials, TV personalities, show business types, business leaders, you and me - everyone should be involved in boosting vaccination rates.

  • Do your part.

  • See you next week.

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